• Introduction to this course

    To permanently keep up with the technological and educational demands of the industry, the National Industrial Training Service of Brazil - SENAI - developed and implemented a prospective model that facilitates the anticipation of skills demands and building networks that link them with the industry, technology centres, employers’ organizations, trade unions and universities, among others. This model is based on different studies, such as: organizational and technological prospective, emerging occupations, impact analysis and occupational trends compared vocational training and thematic antennas which allow having a complete picture of the educational, technological and occupational context.

    In this space you will find all the support materials and will be able to interact with other participants and tutors to advance in the practical application of the model in the occupational area chosen by your institution.

    Programme objectives:

    • Capacity building to implement methodologies and tools for identifying technological, occupational and organizational trends and their impacts on skills strategies and vocational training programmes.
    • Promote the Caribbean TVET Councils and NTAs’ participation in ILO/Cinterfor’s Prospective Network.